The single voice of the towing and recovery industry, its owners and operators in the Province of Alberta.

Our Mission

The Primary Mission of the Towing and Recovery Society are as follows:

To facilitate, promote and encourage strong relationships and dialogue among all industry professionals, government and regulatory agencies, law enforcement and the motoring public.
To gather and dispense industry related information to towing and recovery industry stakeholders and operators.
To offer the Society’s members a forum to share ideas, lobby, and work together with different levels of government and their agencies to provide Albertans with the delivery of services of the utmost level of professionalism.
To professionalize the image of the towing industry by efficiently communicating with the motoring public and the media.
To consistently strive for a safer environment for its members, employees and contractors, as well as, the motoring public.
To be recognized as the single voice of the towing and recovery industry, its owners, and operators, in the Province of Alberta.